Wet kit list

What kit is issued to Scouts?

We will loan a buoyancy aid for Scouts to use for water activities so there is no need to purchase one, but you can if you wish. We’ll issue a buoyancy aid at the beginning off the water activity season (typically April) which fits the size and weight of a Scout. Scouts keep hold of this until the end of the season (typically September) and return it back to us, so we can clean it, and test it to ensure its still fit for purpose.

What should I wear to a meeting on Friday night at Barton Island?

Scouts should come to Barton Island wearing their casual uniform
• 2nd Beeston hoodie
• 2nd Beeston polo (if they have one)
• Neckerchief
• Trousers/shorts of their choice (no jeans or thick joggers)
• Suitable shoes to walk to and from Barton Island

Scouts must bring their buoyancy aid to every meeting at Barton Island. Without their buoyancy aid, they will not be able to come.

What do i need to bring to a Friday night at Barton Island

Scouts should always pack their own bag, when they pack their own bag they know where everything is. Detailed below is everything in addition to what they wear to and from Barton Island they’ll need to pack in their bag. The list may seem excessive but its important that Scouts have the correct kit.

• Complete change of clothes to be worn on the water – recommended items below
· Thin lightweight fleece
· Old t shirt or rash vest
· Lightweight joggers/activity trousers/shorts
· Shoes to get wet (not the shoes they walk to and from Barton Island) – suggested shoes are old trainers/plimsols/aqua shoes
· A change of underwear
· Wetsuit (optional)

• Waterproofs (pack these at the top of the bag for easy access)
• Additional warm jumper/hoodie (not their Scout jumper!)
• Water bottle (filled with water)
• Plastic bag to put wet/dirty clothes in (optional)
• Sun cream (optional)
• Insect repellent (optional)

Additional notes

• Please pack everything in one bag both to and from Barton Island. (except buoyancy aid)

• Name name clothing where possible as this will help us identify the owner of any lost items

• It does get cold at the end of the night – listed above is a warm jumper we strongly recommend that even if the sun has been shining all day, that this is brought every week – Scouts can take layers off if they are hot, they cant put them on if they are cold

• We don’t recommend Scouts bring any electrical devices or valuable to Barton Island – 2nd Beeston takes no responsibility for any lost/stolen or damaged items

• If any medications such as inhalers/EpiPen’s are brought to the meeting please include these and ensure they are clearly labelled and contained in a zip-seal bag to help with waterproofing

• Most Scouts bring insect repellent – there are lots of bugs and mozzys at the Island!

Scouting is a diverse and inclusive movement where all children have access everything we have on offer. If the cost of uniform or other kit prevents your child from joining us please speak to us on a Friday evening before or after Scouts. We’ll find somewhere out of the way and talk you through our support options. Alternatively you can email us.