Current Explorer Programme

Planning meeting

Date: 09-01-2024

Jack M: Budgeting and hike planning

Date: 16-01-2024

Andrew F: Fire and marshmallows

Date: 23-01-2024

Andrew S: Rapsberry Pis / robotics

Date: 30-01-2024

Electronics (continued) and investitures

Date: 06-02-2024


Date: 13-02-2024

Games evening

Date: 20-02-2024

Table tennis/badminton @ Chilwell Olympia

Date: 27-02-2024

Ewan: Chippy cycle

Date: 05-03-2024

Adam: Cook off (usual start time)

Date: 12-03-2024

Will: Shopping Game

Date: 19-03-2024

Tommy: Tommy's games night

Date: 26-03-2024