Moving up to Scouts

Eventually, it’ll be time to say farewell to Cubs and embrace your next big adventure.

Cubs can move up to Scouts anytime between age 10 and 11. The flexibility in the age ranges means that young people could move up with a small group of friends, which may help them feel more comfortable

I’m a Cub moving up to Scouts. What will happen?

Moving up to Scouts is a really exciting time, but you might also feel a little sad about saying farewell to some of your fellow Cubs, and it also might feel a bit daunting at first when you see a room full of teenage Scouts. But don’t worry, we have you covered!

When we think you are ready to move up to Scouts, Akela will speak with the Scout leader and together with you and your parent/carer, we’ll work out the best plan for you.

Most Cubs will spend 2-4 weeks linking. Linking is where you’ll attend Cubs and Scouts. It gives you a chance to see what Scouts it like, but also have the comfort of seeing your friends every week too. You’ll complete your Moving on Award whilst your linking.

I’m a parent of a Cub with additional needs. I’m not sure if they’re ready for Scouts yet. Is there flexibility around the age that they move up?

In the right circumstances, yes. Everyone at Scouts should face a similar amount of challenge, and everyone’s individual needs are always taken in account when making decisions. More information on flexibility and reasonable adjustments can be found at Generally, leaders will keep to the suggested age ranges, unless young people need a little extra time due to additional needs or exceptional circumstances.

When the time to take the leap does come, our visual resources are ideal for those who need a bit of extra help. They’re particularly useful for young people with additional needs – and young people on the autism spectrum – especially if prone to increased anxiety around change.