What Beavers wear

The Beaver uniform consists of a blue sweatshirt with badges sewn on, a blue polo t-shirt to go under their sweater and their 2nd Beeston Neckerchief. For weekly meetings they can wear their own choice of trousers and shoes but for formal events we’ll ask them to wear their school trousers and school shoes. There are lots of other optional accessories you can purchase such as hats, hoodies, navy blue trousers or shorts, but this is totally up to you!


Everyone who is a member of 2nd Beeston Sea Scouts wears our distinct group Neckerchief, which is black and gold in colour with our group badge on the back. The Neckerchief easily identifies us from other Scout groups, and each group has their own design. Our Beaver Neckerchief costs £7 and you can purchase this from us at the time your child is invested into the Beaver colony.

Here’s where to sew on those badges…

This guide should help you know where the badges should be sewn on. Please ask us if you are unsure, and we’ll happily show you!

Where you can buy the uniform

Uniform can either be bought from the Scout Store online – or you may find them at a school uniform store. If you’re stuck, ask one of adult volunteers to tell you more about what to buy and where to buy it.

Scouting is a diverse and inclusive movement where all children have access everything we have on offer. If the cost of uniform prevents your child from joining us please speak to us on a Thursday evening before or after Beavers. We’ll find somewhere out of the way and talk you through our support options. Alternatively you can email us