Sea Scouts Uniform

Sea Scouts wear the following uniform when they are meeting at the Lilac Grove HQ, or when attending official events.

The following guide will help you to put all the various badges in the right place.


We all wear the 2nd Beeston necker, which is black with a yellow edge.

This is provided by the Group when your child is invested.

Sea Scout neckers are worn in a different style to those of other scouts. The following guide illustrates how to prepare and wear a Sea Scout necker.


Jumpers for scouts and leaders are currently available from these suppliers:

  • Scout Shops
  • Morleys School Uniform Specialists, 118 Bramcote Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 4DR
    Tel: 0115 925 8046.
  • John Lewis (Jessops), Victoria Centre, Nottingham, NG1 3QA, Tel: 0115 941 8282

It is also acceptable to use any dark navy blue jumper that is the correct shade.


Black School style trousers are to be worn. Please do not wear jeans, cargo style trousers or any other similar casual trousers.


Smart school style shoes to be worn. Trainers, boots or other footwear are not appropriate.

Island Wear

When taking part in Barton Island based meetings, or any other water based activities, suitable outdoor clothing is advised. Jeans, woolen jumpers and heavy fabrics are not recommended as these will get heavy when wet.

Suitable style clothes include fleece jumpers, outdoor base and middle layers, light track suit trousers, or other outdoor activity trousers. These types of clothing do not absorb lost of water and will dry quickly. Please be aware that clothing will get dirty so do not wear high value clothes.

Sturdy walking boots, and a pair of shoes for wet activities are advised. Plimsolls or deck-shoes are adequate for wet activities. Specific water activity shoes are also available. It is advised that the lower cost option is adopted initially.

Feel free to speak to a leader for advise on clothing.

There is no need to buy buoyancy aids as the Scout Group supplies these.

All Sea Scouts will be provided with a Wet Activity Packing List to inform them of what they need to take.

Wet Suits

At some point your child will benefit from having a wet suit, but please be aware that these are not an initial requirement and there will be no need to buy one for a child just starting with Sea Scouts. They can still take part in island activities without a wet suit. There are usually spare wet suits available from the group so there may not be any need to buy one at all.