It’s the Cub Scout Year of Celebration! – Join the Adventure

Cubs 1002016 – The Cub Scout Centenary

In 1916, Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of what was then known as The Boy Scout Association, was faced with a problem.

Nine years earlier he had successfully launched the Boy Scouts for boys aged 10 – 16, and found that their younger brothers were getting really frustrated because they could not be a “Scout”.

His solution was simple. He started a new section for boys aged 8 – 10 called Wolf Cubs, and based the section on the stories by Rudyard Kipling in his two books, The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book.

The story, made famous by the Walt Disney Film “The Jungle Book” was about a young boy who ventured into the jungle and was “adopted” by a pack of wolves. The leader of the pack was “Akela”. The boy, “Mowgli” was befriended by various animals in the Jungle. They were Baloo – the bear, Bagheera – the black panther, and Colonel Haithi – the leader of the elephants – to name just a few. Then there was Kaa – the snake and Shere Khan –  tiger. They also tried to befriend Mowgli. The rest is history!

In 1969 the Wolf Cubs were “re-branded” as Cub Scouts.

The modern day Cub Scout section is open to boys and girls (yes – GIRLS!)

A series of local and national events will be taking place this year to mark 100 years of Cub Scouting. If you are aged 8 – 10 and fancy joining the adventure do please contacting us using the contact form on this website.