Adult Volunteers


Help with fund raising

In common with all other Scout groups, we rely on fund raising to provide and maintain the building, provide the equipment for all the activities enjoyed by the Sections. Unlike most other Scout Groups, we also the costs associated with maintaining the Barton Island water activity base, and the boats, kayaks and safety equipment.

The Group has recently hosted a very successful Race Night evening (volunteers are needed to help run the next one!), and have purchased a candy floss machine to run a stall at various forthcoming events – help would be appreciated.

If you would like to help with any of our current fund raising activities, or have ideas for one you would like to run then please get in touch.

Special skills assistance

The group has several buildings to maintain as well as an island, several boats, out-board engines, kayaks and miscellaneous other bits of equipment and facilities. In addition the Group runs various outdoor activities, both water and land based.

If you have any specialist professional skills, with appropriate accreditations, and you can spare a few hours per week, per month, or as time permits, then please get in touch.

The sort of skills that could benefit the Group include:

  • qualified water-based skills instructor
  • electrician

Committee Member

The Executive Committee supports the Scout group in delivering its programme of activities, including organising fund raising events. Parents are encouraged to join the Executive Committee to help manage and support the Group. If you are interested please contact the Group Chairman.