200 Club

We have been running a successful 200 club for many years as part of our fund raising.

Of the money raised half goes into the Sea Scout funds, half goes in prizes!

There are 13 draws per year, once every month and a BONUS draw at the AGM.

The more people who take part means higher prizes.    It’s only 50p per week.


The payout varies depending on how many are in the club. If the 200 Club has 50 members each paying 50p pw (£2.50 a month) the prizes would be:

1st £25

2nd £15

3rd £10.

 To Join…

For each number you can pay £26 per year or £13 per half year or £6.50 a quarter.

Payment can be made by Standing Order or BACS.

Please down load the 200 club joining form and send it to the address in the form or give it to one of the Leaders.